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Mojácar Pueblo, Almería
Mojácar Pueblo, Almería
Playa de los Muertos, Almería
Playa de los Muertos, Almería
The Alcazaba Fortress, Almería
The Alcazaba Fortress, Almería


Turre is a small town situated under the watchful gaze of the Sierra Cabrera mountain range.  Close to Mojacar but with a separate identity. To explore Sierra Cabrera visit our dedicated page all about Sierra Cabrera

Turre today is a bustling town with a large ex-pat community and many shops,bars and other businesses line it's main street. An exceptional market is held every Friday where local producers offer fruit,vegetables an many other goods at very reasonable prices.

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Turre village
Turre Entrance

Turre History

Turre has a long and sometimes turbulent history having been the scene of various conflicts between Moors and Christians over the centuries.It was inhabited at the end of the 15th Century by Mudejar Moors forced out of Mojacar by the Catholic Monarchs after the Christian conquest and made to settle inland far from the coast.  They formed a Mudejar Arab quarter in Turre and then in 1501 the Mudejars converted to Christianity, many attempted to flee to Africa but were captured and enslaved.  After the War of the Alpujarras 1568-1570 the Moors of Turre were taken to the estate of the Marquis of Carpio in Cordoba.  This left Turre and Cabrera deserted for many years.

In 1838 there came the opening of lead and iron mines in the mountains and in nearby Bedar and El Pinar and Turre benefitted from the prosperity brought by the mining and foundries in Garrucha which processed the iron and lead.

The mines closed in the 20th century due to difficulties with flooding and poor management and Turre suffered a steady depopulation again especially after the Spanish Civil War.

In the 1980's a slow recovery began and when I first visited Turre in the mid 1980's there was no need for the speed humps of today as the potholes in the road slowed the traffic sufficiently.

As the tourism industry in Mojacar began to expand Turre benefitted from work in that sector and the construction of hotels, villas and apartments both there and in Turre itself.


Turre Monuments

The Parish Church of the Immaculate . This 16th century Mudejar style church was remodelled in the 18th century. 

Ermita de San Fransisco de Asis -a 16th century convent (Pictured on the right).                              

 Moorish fountain, the orginal water source for the village.


There are also many sites of archeoligical interest in and around Turre.

Ermita San Francisco


Local dishes that are worth a try:




  • Zanguangua - a very refreshing dish served mainly in summer
  • Caldo pimento-Prepared with fish or clams,potatoes,dried peppers,tomatoes,garlic and water.
  • Gurrullos-Typical dish of Almeria fluffy pasta with rabbit and partridge.
  • Blood sausage.
  • Snails in a spicy sauce.
  • Marinated sardines
Turre town hall

Local Fiestas

Between 3rd and 6th October each year Turre celebrates it's main Fiesta in honour of San Fransisco de Asis (St Francis of Assisi) The main attraction is the running of the horses with ribbons,a big tradition,Turre being the last one of the little villages/towns to carry it on, attracting visitors from far and wide.In this celebration the local girls embroider ribbons and tie the to the street edges and the horse riders have to pin them down.Traditionally many engagements would come from this act between the girls who made the ribbons and the boy riders that caught them.A sort of very early 'Take me out' or internet dating without the internet.

Other special celebrations belonging to Turre are the San Isidro Pilgrimage which is celebrated on the 15th May each year.