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Comercial Munoz Garcia
Olive Properties Estate Agent
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Bar restaurant El Cortijo
Stellas Hair and Beauty Salon
Ecocorp Solar Energy Systems
Maxine Morgan Insurance

Business advertising

Choose Almeria business advertising options:

  • Banner Advertisements.
  • Full page promotional business listings.
    Choose Almeria business listings are in fact individual web pages that can be reached through google using relevant search terms.
  • Business advertising packages
    Choose Almeria advertising packages consist of a banner advertisement linking to a full page promotional business listing.

All advertisers are included in the Choose Almeria Business Directory...
A quick and easy way to find local business services and establishments...
Access to the directory is from the side bar menu link which is presented on every Choose Almeria website page, and of course the Almeria Business Directory can be found in a google search.

Choose Almeria advertising banner

Banner advertisements

Your banner advertisement on Choose Almeria can link directly to your own website, or, as part of the Choose Almeria business advertising package, it will link directly to your Choose Almeria business listing page.
Please refer to the information further down the page for banner placement options and prices.

Business listings

A Choose Almeria full page business listing includes 9 roll over images with your business details and contact information, it also offers a section to feature special events or current promotions which can be change as and when required.
More importantly, a Choose Almeria business listing is detailed in a unique web page all of its own, using appropriate search terms your page will be indexed by google and your business will be searchable online.

For any business without a website this listing is ideal, it does the same job as a website without any of the complications and at a preferential price.
Even if your business has a website the Choose Almeria business listing presents a further option to increase your business profile and can offer an introduction to your business via Choose Almeria before linking directly to your own website from your Choose Almeria listing.

Business Listing Example

In a world where everyone is tweeting or sharing their favourite facebook links social media activity is becoming an important factor in helping businesses to reach a wider client base...
Choose Almeria uses the business listing pages to promote the area, and all it has to offer, through social media channels, letting visitors know just what is available here before they even arrive. Similarly by sharing your business page both local residents and seasonal regulars are kept up to date with your current offers, promotions and events.

Business Advertising Packages

Combine the full web page business advertisement listing with one or more Choose Almeria banners that link directly to your listing.

Banner placement

There are four placement types for banner advertisements on the Choose Almeria website - Header, Sidebar, Home Page, or Page Content, please see the information below to help you decide on the best option for your business.

Header & Sidebar
The header and sidebar are part of the website structure and are thus presented on every page of the website.

Header banners
Header banner advertisements are displayed in a prominent position, they are the first advertisement presented on a page and are seen immediately by the visitor when they enter the website.

There is only one place for a banner advertisement in the header of the page hence all header banners are rotated randomly to give any advertiser banner an equal chance of being picked out for display. The random rotation occurs each time a visitor browses to a different page on the website, the selected banner will remain on show for the entire duration that the visitor is on a page.
Header banner sizes are limited to two choices.
For prices and size options of this type of advertisement please see the HEADER BANNER ADVERTISEMENTS chart further down the page.

Sidebar banners
Banners advertisements on the sidebar are seen by the visitor as they browse down the page, the number of placements are limited, and in the same manner as the header banner, random rotation is applied for presentation and also for position.
The size of a sidebar banner is limited to one option.
For prices and the size of this type of advertisement please see the SIDEBAR ADVERTISEMENTS chart further down the page.

Home page Banners
The Choose Almeria Home Page is the most visited page of the website.
There is one specific size and placement available for an advertisement banner on the home page, the position is prime, in the top right of the page.
Home page banners are randomly selected for display each time a browser visits the page thus allowing every advertiser an equal opportunity for their banner to be presented.

Page content banners
The content of a website and the information that it presents is the reason that a browser is visiting the page.
Banners advertisements placed in the content section of the website are not rotated as with the afford mention banners, instead they are static and remain on constant display on the specified page or pages, the page or pages are selected by you, probably by the relevance of the page content to your particular business.
Ultimate positioning of a page content advertisement remains at the discretion of Choose Almeria, however every endeavour will be made to incorporate the banner into the most relevant or appropriate section of the page content where possible.
There are several size options to choose from, for prices of this type of advertisement please see the PAGE CONTENT chart further down the page.
Content banners on the property details pages are limited to the 180 x 150 size due to page design. If demand is high for these advertisements random rotation will be applied as there are limited placements.

Banner Types

Banners are offered in animated Flash format or static image format.
Not all visitor computers are compatible with Flash, specifically modern tablets and mobiles do not tend to support Flash format banners, when a users device does not support flash, or the minimum of flash version 8, a static image banner is presented in its place.
Header placement Flash banners are not accepted.

Advertising Prices

Prices are offered for the duration of a 12 month advertising term, payable in advance.

Business Listing Price

The price of a Choose Almeria full page business web page listing is 159€ & IVA.

Banner & Package Prices

Prices are charged and based on the banner location and size, banner prices and packages prices are highlighted in the table below.

Banner design charges

Standard image design: 65€ & IVA per individual banner advertisement.

Flash animated image design: 125€ & IVA per individual banner advertisement.

There will be no design charge applicable for advertisers with their own banner so long as the banner meets standard banner formats and acceptable link formats for Choose Almeria.
Please check the acceptable banner formats that are required when using your own advertisements.
The price for the banner advertising space remains the same regardless off whether the banner is a normal image or has animated content.

Multi Banner Advertising Discounts

Discounts are available for more than one banner advertisement of the same size and design, that are taken at the same time, a 10% reduction is offered on the price of each extra banner advertisement.
This offer applies to both banner advertisers and package advertisers.

Banner and Package prices

The prices quoted for advertising packages and banners are excluding the IVA tax which will be applied on order placement.


Advert Size (pixels) Banner Only Advertising Package
full banner 468 x 60 340 € 499 €
half banner 234 x 60 190 € 349 €


Advert Size (pixels) Banner Only Advertising Package
rectangle 1 180 x 150 290 € 449 €


Advert Size (pixels) Banner Only Advertising Package
rectangle 3 300 x 250 640 € 799 €


The menus in the left sidebar link to the content pages, all of these pages can include a banner advertisement.

Advert Size (pixels) Banner Only Advertising Package
half banner 234 x 60 190 € 349 €
square 125 x 125 240 € 399 €
rectangle 1 180 x 150 290 € 449 €
vertical banner 120 x 240 390 € 549 €
rectangle 2 300 x 100 440 € 599 €
skyscraper 120 x 600 540 € 699 €
rectangle 3 300 x 250 640 € 799 €
vertical rectangle 240 x 400 740 € 899 €

view actual sizes of advertisements

All prices are quoted excluding the IVA tax.

The personal touch - My name is Linda Barker, I am the owner of the Choose Almeria website and the administrator of the Choose Almeria property and business listings. Living locally, in Los Gallardos village, I provide a direct personal service for advertisers.
For further information or to place an advertisement please use the contact link below to get in touch, you are assured my best attention.

Contact Choose Almeria regarding business advertising